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Export & Industry Solutions

Izvješće o izvoznom tržištu

In-depth market report that will give you information on potential clients, local competitors, potential partners, options for distribution and more.

Pilot Projects

Get your prototype, product or solution in front of potential clients who are open to utilizing new technology.

Outreach kampanja

Expand your reach with an outreach campaign through telephone, email and social media. At the end of the campaign, you get a copy of all of the information that you can use within your organization.

Stvaranje distribucijske mreže

Gain local partners in various export markets who will get your product, service or solution into the hands of their clients. Leverage existing relationships to accelerate your revenue and expand marketshare.

Razvoj zajednice

For organizations that leverage a community for their product or service, we will establish a flywheel solution that will allow you to scale up quickly within a new market.


Test to see how much market penetration can be achieved within a specified time period. This is a short term "litmus test" to see if there is a need for your solution.

Partners & Ecosystem

Platforma za prijenos tehnologije

The fastest growing commercialization collaboration platform in the world connecting researchers, industry partners and service professionals.

IP Network

A network of industry professionals who are engaged in the development of intellectual property into solutions.

Subject Matter Experts

A collection of subject matter experts from around the world who specialize in solving complex problems in various industries.

Technology Licensing Opportunities

This is a list of all research that is available for licensing from Higher Education Institutions and organizations from around the world.

If you would like to include your research projects in this list, please email us at  

Resources for Businesses

Returning Intellectual Property to the Inventor: How, Why, When…Then What?

Once an invention is disclosed, the path to commercialization begins. Critical assessments then determine whether the technology has a market, a market need, and can be patented or otherwise IP-protected, and down the road it goes… In some cases those assessments return with too many negatives — there may be too little interest among licensees […]

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