Whole Blood Transcript Clusters for Ischemic Stroke Detection

Provides a better method for diagnosing acute ischemic stroke. Background: Strokes result from reductions of blood flow to the brain and are second to coronary heart disease in terms of vascular disease incidence, morbidity, and mortality. About 83% of strokes are due to arterial vascular occlusion (ischemic stroke), and about 17% are due to vascular rupture (hemorrhagic stroke). Over the past 20 years, many scientific advances have been made in stroke diagnosis, treatment, and prevention; but important questions remain. Stroke diagnosis is inaccurate in up to 30% of patients, and it is not possible to reliably distinguish between ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke clinically. Clearly, a need exists for a panel of biomarkers associated with an increased risk of stroke. Technology Overview: This SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University technology provides biomarkers for the diagnosis and treatment of acute ischemic stroke. It also includes a quantitative assay method for accurately identifying the appropriate transcript number in a biological sample. This provides a method for identifying patients having an increased risk for developing acute ischemic stroke. For example, a biological sample can be obtained from the patient and used to determine the expression levels of at least three gene markers. The technology also provides a method for identifying agents useful for the treatment of acute ischemic stroke. Stage of Development Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 3 – Experimental proof of concept. Advantages: – More accurate diagnosis of stroke

  • Identifies patients with increased risk for developing acute ischemic stroke
  • Better distinguishing between ischemic stroke and hemorrhagic stroke Applications: Identifying patients with increased risk for acute stroke. Intellectual Property Summary: This technology is covered by the patent US 11021750 B2, Biomarkers for Predicting Risk of Acute Ischemic Stroke and Methods of Use Thereof. Licensing Status: This technology is available for licensing and will be of value to any company or institution involved in diagnosing and treating acute stroke. This includes: – Manufacturers of medical test products – Hospitals – Rehabilitation facilities https://suny.technologypublisher.com/files/sites/1935-100_adobestock_434607074.jpeg



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