Which contents should your hotel’s blog contain?

The customer always trusts in a hotel that has their own website than who is not. Likewise, customers have a better feeling with a website with updating content than a website with photos and services information only. A good blog will help your hotel express your characteristic and attract groups of customers that have the same interests, and also build trust with other guests. So, which content should your hotel’s blog contain?

  • Hotel’s features such as brand story, space, services, or food
  • News from your hotel and related brands, achievements that your brand get to earn credit
  • Local exploration: information about the tourist destination, activities, and local cuisine
  • Personality expression: your hotel’s personality should be delivered over your content. Humanizing your hotel’s content help customers feel more engaged with the brand
  • Customers’ feedbacks: the response from other customers help the readers believe in your hotel’s services. At the same time, your hotel can show the connection between you and the customers.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.

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