What should hotels do to ensure their hygiene performance?

The hygiene issues have never been as much concern as in current when the coronavirus can persist for a long time in many types of surfaces. The hygiene standard of the hotel business has performed well but needs lots of improvement and pay more attention to details in management to ensure safety for guests, employees, and the hotel itself. So what should hotels do to ensure their hygiene performance?

  • Sanitary equipment should be cleaned and disinfected before and after use
  • Sanitary products and chemicals must be from reputable brands that meet the standards of the government and medical organizations.
  • Always use disposable accessories for cleaning personnel such as gloves, masks, and shoe covers and must be disposed of immediately after use. Reusable products such as splash shields should be disinfected before and after wearing.
  • Revise the cleaning procedures
  • Ensure all hotel staff are trained and fully informed on procedures and daily disease updates from the government

Photo on Unsplash