What is allotment and 2 type of allotment booking that you need to know

Allotment is a type of room booking for the travel agent to book a large amount of room with a condition of check-in and check-out date, and need to be booked in a limited set of time. The agent and hotel always have an initial agreement on the allotment to figure out the condition. Then the agent can sell the room in advance and notify the hotel later. Depending on the agreement, the agent will need to reimburse for the amount of unbooked room or not.

This type of room booking is suitable for a large hotel with a huge amount of room inventory when they can spend a portion of rooms to sell over this channel but still remain many rooms for other channels.

There are 2 types of allotment booking is guarantee and non-guarantee.

Guaranteed reservation: hotel needs to ensure the rooms are available until 1 day after the check-in date. If the guests don’t use the room and don’t cancel it as in the agreement, the agent will lost their deposit or need to reimburse the contract.

Non-guaranteed reservation: the hotel will hold the room until a defined time within the check-in date. After that time, if the guests didn’t show up, the hotel has the right to unblock it for sale.

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash.

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