What Channel Mix includes in the hotel industry.

One important part of the sale process is the Channel Mix. The Channel Mix of a hotel includes many different channels, and each hotel has a different method to distribute depending on business strategy and sale policy. We can categorize the channel by offline and online.

Offline includes:

  • Property direct (walk-in guests)
  • Call center / Reservation center
  • Travel Agent (TA), wholesale for the MICE

Online includes:

  • Website, Facebook
  • OTA – Online Travel Agent such as booking.com, agoda, expedia, traveloka, etc
  • Metasearch: search platform and compare price and availability of hotels. Google Hotel, trivago, and TripAdvisor are the top typical metasearch.
  • GDS – Global Distribution System. Mostly used for the large hotel with business customers, rarely seen at small hotels.
  • Opaque: is the platform where price being discounted largely (30 – 60%). The price and product in the opaque distribution channel are hidden from customers to not be seen as cheap, which is harmful to the hotel’s brand.

Photo by Bruno Maceiras on Pexels.

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