Weather Risk Assessment Tool

Displays easy-to-understand risk assessments of upcoming weather events based on free, readily available NOAA weather forecast data.
Background: The number and variety of applications that require accurate and timely weather forecast information are almost too numerous to count. Many applications require very specific data — for example, public road departments may want to know the rate of snowfall for a particular day, while event planners may need information about the risk of precipitation within a narrow time window. Unfortunately, users may not have the time or experience to quickly derive this information from existing forecast data, such as weather maps provided by the government. As a result, obtaining timely and reliable assessment of risk posed by upcoming weather events is often very difficult. Technology Overview: This tool provides a concise and easy-to-understand display of weather risks to aid in decision support services. The product leverages existing, freely-available NOAA high-resolution weather model forecast data (using different models depending on the time range). Leveraging this data, the forecast models are further utilized by incorporating a range of possible model solutions (i.e. an “Ensemble”). Weather risks of interest are displayed in a simple table, with time along one dimension and the type of weather risk (and thresholds of interest) along the second dimension. Risks are color-coded according to their likelihood, with a simple “Low/Medium/High” signifier. The locations are easily changed, as are the types of weather risks. Advantages: – Easy to use: Risk assessment is displayed in a way that is easy to understand and requires no special weather expertise.

  • Customizable: Users can select the type(s) of data required for their areas of interest, filtering out more general weather information.
  • Efficient: Rather than search through weather maps and interpret the data, this tool displays only the data selected by the user. This enables much quicker and accurate weather risk assessment. Applications: This program can be used in virtually any application in need of accurate and timely weather risk assessment. These include:
  • Electric utility outage management
  • Flood disaster preparation
  • Snow removal
  • Agriculture
  • Fire risk management
  • School closings
  • Outdoor event planning
    …and many others Stage of Development: Technology Readiness Level (TRL): 7 – System prototype demonstration in operational environment. Licensing Potential: Potential licensing targets include utilities, aviation, and any industry with weather-based decision support. Licensing Status: This technology is available for licensing.


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