Variable Resistance Exercise Apparel Aids Rehabilitation

  • Variable Resistance Suit designed for resistance training
  • Offers speed-dependent, bi-directional, and variable resistance at a single joint
  • Affords eight different levels of resistance


The University of Central Florida invention is a Variable Resistance Suit designed to provide speed-dependent, bi-directional, and variable resistance at a single joint. Muscle disorders and induced muscle atrophy impose critical risks to the well-being of an individual, limiting normal activities of daily living. Several resistance training methods exist that have effectively reversed the progression of muscle atrophy. Weightlifting and hydrotherapy are the two widely practiced schemes for resistance training; however, there is the potential risk of excessive loads exerted on the muscles during weightlifting, and limited accessibility and cost are barriers of hydrotherapy. An alternative is using a resistance band. Some limitations include engaging multiple muscles/joints while only unidirectional resistance is feasible.

The UCF invention addresses these limitations, and pilot study results supported the efficacy of VARS as evidenced by the changes in flexor and extensor muscle activations in response to eight different levels of resistance modulated by VARS. Based on this result, VARS could be a viable solution and complementary to existing tools and techniques used in resistance training.

Stage of Development

Prototype available.



  • Safe
  • Activates flexor and extensor muscles
  • Provides different levels of resistance at a targeted joint via simple, manual adjustments

Potential Applications

  • Rehabilitation and physical therapy

Contact Information

Name: Raju Nagaiah


Phone: 407.882.0593