Ultrasound-Guided Delivery System For Accurate Positioning/Repositioning Of Transcatheter Heart Valves


See patent publication below. Embodiments described herein address the need for improved catheter devices for delivery, repositioning and/or percutaneous retrieval of the percutaneously implanted heart valves. One embodiment employs a plurality of spring-loaded arms releasably engaged with a stent frame for controlling expansion for valve deployment. Another embodiment employs a plurality of filaments passing through a distal end of a pusher sleeve and apertures in a self-expandable stent frame to control its state of deployment. With additional features, lateral positioning of the stent frame may also be controlled. Yet another embodiment includes plurality of outwardly biased arms held to complimentary stent frame features by overlying sheath segments. Still another embodiment integrates a visualization system in the subject delivery system. Variations on hardware and methods associated with the use of these embodiments are contemplated in addition to those shown and described.



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