Type of hotel’s guests (P2)

The diversity of social has grouped customers into specific groups. The people in each group have their own needs but would not be too far from the services that the hotel can offer.

Eco-friendly seekers

Living eco-friendly is a trend now and becoming a major lifestyle. The customers who are seeking for greeny living experience care about the accommodation with lots of plants, using eco-friendly products, local food (both in plants and animals, depending on each group, the reason is cutting the cost of delivery, reducing smoke and consumption of fuel), and saving energy or using natural energy or recycled energy.

Digital Nomad guests

This type of guest has appeared in recent years along with the development of technology. They are people who work remotely on a digital platform. Therefore, the internet signal is the most important thing to them. The connection must be strong and stable. The public space should be comfortable, neat, and not too noisy so they can both work and interact with other guests staying at the same place.

Guests who care about health problems

Caring about health is a trend in modern life. These guests usually choose an eco-friendly and quiet hotel so they can practice meditation. A healthy food menu is what they are looking for as well. Depending on the customers’ needs they can search for activities such as yoga, spa, fitness, trekking, or spiritual treatment.

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