Type of hotel’s guests (P1)

There are many types of guests staying at a hotel. Each type of guest will have a different expectation about services.. Understanding the needs of them will help hotels design a set of experiences that make them satisfied and still guarantee operation capability. Here are some familiar types of guest:


Backpackers are those who travel independently, usually solo, and becoming a group over each destination. The characteristics of these customers are short-time stay, sensitive about price, and need basic services only. Backpackers want to explore local people and local food, and they have an interest in night activities.

Bleasure guests

This is a trend of traveling although Covid-19 has slowed it down. Depending on the occasion, the trip can be more “business” or more “pleasure” but the common is they do not really care about the price since it’s being reimbursed. They care about quality and efficiency. The service needs to be quick, exact, and bring much value. An example is communicating straightly instead of a “service” way.

Luxurious guests

These are high demand, high expectation guests but the value needs to be balanced. The luxurious guests want to get the best quality and extremely focus on details. Privacy is their basic need.

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