Travel trends after the pandemic that hotelier should be aware of

During the months of social distancing and pandemic restriction, the hoteliers usually face the question “How would the market look like when the pandemic was over?”. Here are some voices from the experts:

The domestic market will be the first market to be recovered, with 2 trends:

  • Travelers tend to choose the short-distance destination: The social distancing time and the restriction has raised a new habit and a new worry to the tourists. This makes customers want to go somewhere that close to their living town. 2 examples are Vung Tau and Da Lat. These 2 destinations can be reached easily by car and in fact, they got many visits after the restriction had been released.
  • “The second city”: The pandemic was not really a reason. This is a trend being recorded since the end of 2010. Tourists tend to choose the less famous destination to reduce the bad effect on the environment and have a better experience.

The business trips would be slow down

Regularly, the commercial market would be the first to recover but this case is not the same. The pandemic causes a great loss to the economy that forced the company to cut its cost on business trips. And the social distancing makes people get used to working from home as well.

The MICE segment would not be easy to recover

The crowded event would be restricted, and the habit of using online platforms for meetings makes the offline event or big conference is not necessary anymore. These activities will be recovered because of the needs of the meeting in-person, but would not be back soon.

Photo by Lewis on Unsplash

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