Toolkit for Conducting a Digital Government Maturity Assessment at a Subnational Level

Digital Government Maturity Assessment Toolkit Background: Digital government maturity is defined as the level to which a public sector organization uses data effectively to deliver services and manage operations. The Gartner Group (see identifies five levels of digital government maturity, ranging from Level 1, E-Government (basic services are provided online) to Level 5, Smart (digital innovation is embedded deeply across the entire government). To improve their digital maturity, government entities need to know the current level of their readiness, and have a clear understanding of areas in which they need to improve. Unfortunately, current tools for assessing digital government maturity, such as Survey Monkey, are limited in scope and flexibility. Technology Overview: This robust and flexible toolkit, developed by University at Albany researchers, enables public service groups to evaluate their digital maturity and organizational readiness to implement required measures. Unlike other assessment tools, this toolkit is empirically grounded, enabler based, and operates equally efficiently on both the national and sub-national levels. The resulting assessment is more thorough and provides more data collection and analysis than any existing tool. This data allows groups to develop strategies and actions plans to provide public services through their digital platforms. Stage of Development – TRL 4 – Technology validated in lab Advantages: – Flexible: This toolkit can assess organizations on both The national and sub-national levels. – Robust: The toolkit delivers more thorough data than other tools, and also provides more data analysis. – Accurate results: The toolkit is empirically grounded and enabler based, ensuring data is Accurate and relevant. Applications: Intellectual Property Summary: Copyright Stage of Development: Licensing Potential: Licensing, Development partner Licensing Status: This technology is available for licensing. Additional Information: digital,digital transformation,survey,assessment tools,data collection,data analysis,government service,operations and management system,operations software,operations management,quality-of-service,service analysis,service delivery,social science,business analytics,business applications,business development,business analysis


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