TIPPS Talks School-Age Conversation Cards

Technology Overview
A set of conversation cards designed as part of a parenting intervention program aiming to connect parents with their school-aged children

These conversation cards take a developmental approach to tailor questions to school-age children and their parents. These cards are made available to families free of charge via the TIPPS website.

Technology Description
The conversation cards are designed to be used as part of a parenting intervention program as a way for parents to connect with their school aged children. This is not a research tool, it is an education tool. The primary function of the conversation cards is to facilitate conversations between family members. The area of principal use is parenting education programs.

This technology is in the TRL 8 Stage of development.


  • Allows parents to connect with school‑aged children
  • Provides suitable prompts

Used for parent intervention programs to help parents connect with school-aged children



Contact Information

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Title: Director

Department: Office of Technology Management

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