The tactics to raise social engagement when re-opening

The hotel has re-opening their business since May. However, there are many hotels choosing to open a bit later to have a better preparation for the new standards and the human resources. To ensure the effectiveness of the re-opening, the hotels can apply these tactics:

Advertise re-opening plan

Customers are waiting for the return of their favorite hotel or the hotel that they follow during the quarantine. Therefore, after having the decided date, let notify to earn their excitement. They may pop up their need right after seeing the return of their favorite brand.

Notify about the solution of safety and hygiene

The “new normal” includes living with a conscious of safety and hygiene. Your hotel should present all the needed information to make guests feel secured about their provided services.

Notify about the promotion of direct booking

Both customers and hotels having the same demand for cutting costs. Direct booking helps both doing that. Therefore, the hotel should highlight your own promotion, ensure your customers have as much information as they can.

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on Pexels.