The safety criteria for the prevention of pandemic COVID-19 in hospitality industry

After the end of social lockdown in April, the Department of Tourism in Ho Chi Minh City has introduced 10 criteria guidance for hotels and accommodation facilities to ensure safety for the post-pandemic period.

No more than 2 guests can be allowed per room, the room temparature is recommended to be 27 degrees or higher, and the distance between the two beds must be 2 meters apart as conditions are considered when evaluating the hotel’s safety criteria. It is known that tourism inspectors and districts will actively monitor the implementation of these criteria of hotel and accommodation establishments.

In addition, hotels and motels are also required to request the health status and medical health declaration from the guests. On hotel premises, the hotels must provide a full range of cleaning products and disinfectants, and conveniently arrange hand washing facilities with clean water and soap in accordance with regulations of Covid-19 prevention. All hotels and accomodation services should also do regularly cleaning and disinfection of frequently exposed surfaces.

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