The Oxygen Cloud: A System for the Prevention of Death due to Seizure-Induced Laryngospasm or Other Transient Acute Upper Airway Obstruction

Protects persons with epilepsy from seizure-induced death during sleep.  Background:
Epileptic seizure activity can completely obstruct the airway. This period of obstructive apnea can last long enough for respiratory arrest to occur. If respiratory arrest occurs, the individual may die unless resuscitated by another person. In animal studies, exposure to oxygen even after a seizure starts, but before obstructive apnea occurs, significantly prolonged the time to respiratory arrest and protected animals from death.
Technology Overview:  
This technology uses seizure detection to trigger the delivery of oxygen for breathing. In one form of the technology, a stream of oxygen is delivered near the head of an individual in their bed. Depending upon the size of the room, the technology provides atmospheric oxygen concentrations of ≥50% during most of a 3-minute duration stream. With the optional “tent” or canopy, the same oxygen stream will exceed 80% oxygen around the face of the individual. The delivery of oxygen, triggered approximately 30 seconds prior to complete airway occlusion, will delay respiratory arrest and protect the individual from death. By preventing respiratory arrest, the device protects individuals who may not have a caregiver available for resuscitation. Advantages:  
The technology will be the first device for the prevention of sudden death in epilepsy.   Applications:  
The primary application for this technology is to prevent seizure-induced death in sleeping epilepsy patients.  Note that there is growing consensus that Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is due to the same mechanism as sudden death in epilepsy. This technology could be used crib-side to prevent SIDS in the same manner.  Intellectual Property Summary:

PCT patent application filed on 5/21/2021: PCT/US2021/033590 
Stage of Development:
TRL 3 – Experimental proof of concept Licensing Status:
This technology is available for licensing. Licensing Potential: This technology will be of value to any company or institution involved in preventing seizure-induced death in sleeping epilepsy patients. This includes:
•    Manufacturers of medical devices
•    Hospitals 


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