The indicators to help you to keep track on travel demand after Covid-19 Pandemic.

After coranavirus situation in the country has been successfully prevented, countries around the world have also used many different measures to stop the spread of the disease. With the number of infections and deaths decreasing each day in Europe, several countries such as Germany, Australia and the UK are preparing to lift barriers to revive the economy. In addition, international airlines have also installed security equipment and sterilization services to ensure safety for visitors.

Although there is no specific timeframe, here are the digital metrics that can help your hotel predict when travel demand will grow again:

15-20%: Increase the number of website visits
10-15%: Increase in room book numbers
25-30%: Search volume growth for Google keywords and data trends for your hotel area travel destinations.
10-15%: Increase search volume for flights to your hotel area.

So, closely observe these metrics so that you can adjust your digital marketing strategy properly to attract customers and grow sales.

Photo by Domenico Loia on Unsplash