The 5 Stages of Travel

5 Stages of Travel is a new concept in modern tourism management from Google. It describes a “life cycle” of a customer from their idea of traveling to the end of their trip.

1.       Dreaming

At first, the customer usually dreams of a specific place. Their inspiration is usually from beautiful images, or their emotional feeling about a place, or their boredom of a long-staying at home in their COVID-quarantine.

2.       Planning

After dreaming long enough, the customer will pick a place to do research about sightseeings, check-in locations, reviews, transportations, and accommodation, etc.

3.       Booking

And what next? Let’s book a hotel room! There are many channels for customers to book a service depending on their habit: direct booking over the website, phone, email, or booking on OTAs, or by an agency.

4.       Experiencing

This is the key stage to ensure your guests’ satisfaction with their staying and their trip. One thing to be noticed, the guests may enjoy a place but not satisfy with any of the services that they had experienced.

5.       Sharing

Lastly, customers will share their experience, either positive or negative, in both online and offline.

Photo by Genessa Panainte on Unsplash