Team SparX Software Platform

Research investigators at U.S. institutions rely on federal funding to support laboratories, clinical trials, conferences, peer-reviewed journals, and medical supplies. A large percent of each agency’s budget is spent on extramural grants to principal investigators (PI) at hospitals, universities, foundations and other research organizations. However, grant managers suffer bottlenecks due to manual and redundant reporting methods. Although the federal government has abolished physical paper, individual and nonprofit applicants are required to submit individual agency registration, Dun and Bradstreet numbers, and specially formatted curriculum vitae.

Researchers at FAU have developed a series of products under the name TeamSparX to help academic researchers find and manage grants. MeetSparX is a mobile and web application that matches researchers based on research interests and potential funding opportunities. Projects and funding opportunities are also posted using tags to indicate the topic area. FundSparX is a project management tool specifically designed for the grant writing process. It allows RDOs to replace their inefficient collection of ad hoc tools.