sxRNA Technologies, Inc.

sxRNA Technologies provides a novel platform technology for multiple biomedical applications, including therapeutics, diagnostics, and biomanufacturing  Company Overview:
sxRNA Technologies is developing proof-of-concept, prototype sxRNA technology, which will be licensed to strategic industry/commercialization partners generating revenue through licensing, royalty sharing, and R&D. Technology Overview: 
sxRNA Technologies uses patented technology to engineer RNA structures that require two pieces of RNA to form, creating a regulatable RNA switch. This creates a platform technology that can be integrated into several life science products including RNA therapeutics, biomanufacturing, and diagnostics:

  • RNA therapeutics: We use the unique RNA signature of a disease cell to activate an sxRNA drug, so it is produced (translated) exactly where it is needed. 
  • Biomanufacturing: sxRNA-select technology can decrease clone selection time, increase batch yield, and reduce batch variability. 
  • Diagnostics: sxRNA-based point-of-care diagnostics can measure the rate of metastatic cancer relapse. Year Founded:2019 Additional Information:


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Name: Nicholas Querques

Title: Director of New Ventures

Department: Industry and External Affairs


Phone: (518) 434-7183