Surface Ocean Wave Turbine

A novel ocean wave turbine for alternative energy.

A novel ocean wave turbine for alternative energy.


The global wave energy market size is projected to reach USD 107 million by 2025, at a CAGR of 19%. The market has been segmented, by application, into desalination, power generation, and environmental protection. The power generation segment is expected to be the most significant wave energy market, by application, during the forecast period. This dominance can be attributed to a keen emphasis on electrical energy generation by means of renewable sources. However, known ocean wave energy technologies suffer from installation/maintenance issues due to large sizes and rough sea conditions.. Here we present a promising ocean turbine developed by a group of researchers led by Prof. Tsumoru Shintake.

The technology is based a small floating turbine connected to a rod support system. Specifically, this invention uses small WECs, weight 100 kg, thus low cost, easy to install and easy to maintain. These WECs have a simple design, efficient and robust. It is also possible to put these WECs into an array that acts as an effective wave barrier, thus it may be possible to reduce number of concrete wave breakers. Also, the WEC is located near shore 100 m from land, thus power cable is low cost. Further, due to small sizes, the voltage is low, thus safe, while current is large, thus suitable for electrolysis hydrogen production.


  • Alternative Energy Source
  • Shoreline Wave Breaker


  • Easy to Install
  • Low Cost
  • Easy to Maintain