Superconducting Communication Carrier Chip for Quantum Computer and the Method of Fabrication

The Problem:
There has been an increased interest in cryogenic quantum computing devices because of their fast-computing speeds and their ability to solve complex problems. These devices are unique because of their superconducting junctions, which must operate at very extreme temperature conditions. Currently, in these quantum computing systems, the external control units are connected to the q-bits, which are located on the quantum chips, by manual connection. As the technology market continues to expand, it is expected that manual connection will become incredibly difficult, and these systems will need to consider scalability options.

The Solution:
Researchers at The University of Alabama have developed a new fabrication and design of a communication (“carrier”) chip for applications in quantum computing. The carrier features an electrically non-conductive substrate that has multiple layers of super conducting wires to allow point to point communication from the external control units to the q-bits located on the quantum chip. Additionally, this substrate is made of good thermal insulating materials, which contributes to better thermal isolation of the carrier chip between different stages of refrigeration.


  • Less labor-intensive modular design.
  • Chip carrier features easy implementation into the system.
  • Potential to reduce system complexity.
  • Reduces human error.

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