Sulfone-substituted Cyclopropanes and Their One-step Synthesis

Sulfone-substituted cyclopropanes having potential drug design applications.

Sulfone-substituted cyclopropanes have potential drug design applications.


The global drug discovery market continues to have strong growth around the world. In this market, the cyclopropane motif is present in a variety of bioactive natural products and medicinally important molecules. However, normally, the synthesis of cyclopropanes needs multiple steps, resulting in lower yields with a greater amount of waste. Especially, sulfone substituted cyclopropanes are difficult to synthesize and almost not commercially available. Here, we present a promising synthesis method developed by a group of researchers led by Dr. Eugene Khaskin. The developed technology overcomes the above problems and provides a short and simple 1-step method unlocking new cyclopropanes.

Essentially, Dr. Eugene Khaskin has developed a novel chemically and biologically important sulfone-substituted cyclopropane synthesis method. The technology enables the synthesis of sulfonated cyclopropanes via a Ru(II)-catalyst with 3 alcohol/ester components. Furthermore, this technology can control the placement of substituents on the cyclopropane for specific designs.


  • Drug Design
  • Drug Discovery


  • 3-component reaction in 1-step
  • High diastereoselectivity
  • Simple and cheap starting materials (alcohol, ester)