Substrate-Free Two-Dimensional Elemental Twin-Crystals with Co-Existing Opposite Chirality

  • Technology Readiness Level: 4 ( Technology validated in lab )
  • Technology Validation: In a sample of 50 twinned structures, the angle between the twinned chiral planes fit an approximately normal distribution centered around 76.2 degrees.


Researchers at Purdue University have developed a method of nanomanufacturing crystals of tellurium which exhibit hexagonal spiral chains with opposite chirality. Through a unique hydrothermal approach, unlike any current technologies, tellurium crystals can be synthesized at nanoscale without use of a substrate. Crystals can be fine-tuned through careful thermal and kinetic energy control, allowing optimization of length, thickness, and twinning ratio of tellurium at idealized temperature. The discovery of the twinned 2D tellurium with controllable chirality paves a way for its use in various promising applications such as off-the-shelf polarization optics and spintronics.


– Substrate-free

– High control over chirality

Potential Applications

– Polarization optics

– Spintronics

Contact Information

Name: Matthew R Halladay


Phone: 765-588-3469