Structural Growth Algorithm

  • Versatile Applicability in All Areas of Topology Optimization
  • Suitable for Both Trusses and Solids
  • Useful for: Mechanical, Aerospace, Civil, and Biomedical Engineering


Topology Optimization (TO) is used across various fields to generate lightweight structures. There are limitations to existing methods whereby voxel-based TO results in free-form solids that are difficult to construct from discrete components, while truss-based TO requires large numbers of beams. New algorithms are therefore required that apart from solids can as well generate trusses and composite structures.

Dr. Klemmt has invented this algorithm to address this concern with versatile applicability to systems ranging from simple 2- dimensional studies to biological and medical simulations to design solutions for products, aerospace, and construction. Successful results were generated for architectural structures, a jet engine bracket, bone structure simulations etc.

This algorithm can be used as a stand-alone structural design tool or be integrated with other algorithms and design tools. It is anticipated that adjustments to the algorithm will lead to an improved performance and usability.

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