Steps to answer bad reviews

A hotel will always get a bad review, and it will affect the company’s reputation. However, the way hotels answer a bad review can help build a good brand image, and in some cases can earn customers’ interest. To do it, we can:

Say thank to guest and mention their name

The first thing to do is saying thank you for their time in giving feedback on their experience at the hotel. Every guests’ feedbacks can bring value. Calling customers with a name can show them that the hotel is taking their feedback seriously. Besides, the review manager needs to introduce themselves to make the response sound trustworthy.

Say sorry for not having a good experience

In this case, saying sorry means the hotel is empathy for their uncomfortable situation, which comes from the time staying at the hotel. Notice that saying sorry doesn’t mean directly that the hotel did something wrong.

Let the customer know about the action that the hotel did or will do to fix the problems

This action will help the customer understand that the hotel always tries to give their customer the best experience, even when they were unhappy in the past. The hotel can ask the customer’s contact to give them a solution.

Follow and update the progress to the customer.

This step shows that the hotel is not just giving an answer but also taking real action. Whether the hotel can contact the customer, the hotel should update the progress in the response to review to confirm their action. It also helps the other customers see that the hotel’s care to their customers.

Photo by You X Ventures on Unsplash