Staycation trend of customers and their behaviour

Staycation is a combination of the word stay and vacation to describe the action of traveling at home or anywhere in their local area. This trend comes from North America and spread to other parts of the world. In this situation of the lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the trend meets the demand and becomes popular. The economy is down, and the budget for traveling of customers is small. Therefore staycation become a trend and a solution for the hotels to earn revenue in a short term. To06 catch this trend up, the hotels can design the services that helps their customers having the in-day experience or the experience for a short period such as:

  • Design the in-room-breakfast package
  • Design the product that focuses on hotel-own facilities such as swimming pool, spa, cinema, BBQ party, etc.
  • Collaborate with other local services to design travel packages
  • Create local tours with a promotion price for the local

The staycation trend might not be a strong and long-term trend but a necessary solution for the hotels. Catch the trend early will help the hotel being a highlight in the area and raise the ranking on travel platforms.

Photo by Yulianto Poitier on Pexels.