Stable, Scalable VO2-Based Thermochromic Smart Windows

  • Fabrication process enables environmentally stable VO2 glazing for smart window application
  • Elongates the lifetime of VO2 nanoparticles
  • Ensures environmental durability for practical applications


The University of Central Florida invention consists of a thermochromic window that intelligently regulates indoor solar irradiation and modulates optical properties in response to real-time temperature changes. Smart window technologies contribute significantly to energy-saving (40 to 60 percent) in buildings. However, attempts to manufacture thermochromic windows have led to coatings with agglomeration or a darkening effect in an uneven pattern. This results in the inconsistent absorption or reflection of light that deteriorates the overall aesthetics of the window and reduces visibility.

As a solution, the UCF technology offers a thermochromic window with state-of-the-art vanadium dioxide (VO2)-based thermochromic glazing (coating) and a method for producing the window. The process includes embedding VO2 nanoparticles in a polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) fiber mat and then encapsulating them in epoxy resin. This elongates the lifetime of VO2 nanoparticles and ensures environmental durability for practical applications. The approach allows for precise control of the size and distribution of VO2 nanoparticles. It also maintains the dispersion quality of VO2 nanoparticles which are susceptible to agglomeration.

Partnering Opportunity

The research team is seeking partners for licensing and/or research collaboration.

Stage of Development

Prototype available.


  • Cost-effective way to manufacture high-performing and durable thermochromic windows
  • Scalable
  • Allows for precise control of the size and distribution of VO2 nanoparticles
  • Helps to dramatically reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions

Potential Applications

  • Mass production of thermochromic smart windows, coatings and adhesives based on nanofiber composite
  • Energy storage, sensing and other optoelectronic applications

Contact Information

Name: Andrea Adkins


Phone: 407.823.0138