Spiral Antenna with Perturbation Elements

The Problem:
Current antennas on the market allow for either circular polarization or wide bandwidth range, but not both. Also, if the technologies available today were combined the resulting antenna would be too large for its intended applications in auto, aviation and telecommunications. CubeSat antenna development specifically faces several challenges, including restrictions on size, mass, and transmitting power, while demanding high gain, wide bandwidth, and circular polarization.

The Solution:
Researchers at the University of Alabama have developed a novel antenna design to achieve broad bandwidth, high antenna gain, and circular polarization with low-profile. The technology is a copper cavity antenna with conical perturbation that utilizes circular polarization in order to achieve wide bandwidth frequency and reduce interference from internal components. Also, the compact, low profile design can fit into necessary auto, aviation, and telecom applications.


  • Ability to achieve wide bandwidth frequency using circular polarization while also maintaining a compact size.
  • Compact size: reduced weight, ability to achieve wide bandwidth, reduced interference from internal components.
  • Multiple applications: Cubesats, microsatellites, automobiles, aviation, and telecommunication.
  • No other antennas on the market offer both wide bandwidth frequency and circular polarization.

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