Soft skills that HR need to focus on improvement after COVID-19 pandemic

Compared to the past, hotel staff was always in the state of “there is not enough supply for the high demand”, the lockdown period during the COVID-19 epidemic is a good opportunity to improve some essential skills for your staff.

The first is foreign language communication skills. More and more international visitors are coming to Vietnam. However, Vietnamese hotel staff still isn’t strong in communicating in foreign languages, especially English. Therefore, to improve this weakness, managers need to encourage their staff to attend online language lectures and courses for further purposes.

Teamwork and problem-solving skills are also essential to help improve employee’s work efficiency and bring a professional reputation to the business. Managers can organize rotational training courses, create some hypothetical scenarios to increase coordination and build teamwork spirit between different departments.

In addition, this is also a good opportunity to train listening skills and evaluating criticism for your staff. Managers can review employees’ weakness in recent years to help employees have the opportunity to learn, develop themselves, as well as evaluate the employee’s comments in a positive way to improve expertise.

Photo by Sean Kong on Unsplash

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