Smart Green Power Node


  • Integrated solution with sophisticated algorithms and hardware that require minimal user input
  • Peak shaving capability during high power demand times yielding economic savings for the utility and consumer
  • Incorporates energy storage and “green” sources reducing carbon emissions
  • Mitigates outage times by operating as independent power supply (islanded operation)
  • Customizable for diverse application landscape increasing utility

Market Application
Smart Grid Controller Systems


  • Power Industry
  • Smart Power Controller Manufacturers

Status of Technology:

The Smart Green Power Node (SG PN) is a suite of control methods and algorithms implemented in a power router. This router is composed of de/de converters and an ac/dc inverter. The router is connected to on-site power generation, on-site power storage, on-site loads, and the grid. The suite of control methods and algorithms manage individual converters and circuits, and manage the power flow through the entire system.

For a residential setting the full power prototype was set at a power level that was
appropriate for verification of design, 2kW. The implementation ofSiC switching devices, more robust hardware control, and greater functionality high level control are currently being investigated.


This technology may be subject to regulatory measures and control.

Contact Information

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