Single-Draw Multi-Step Multi-Furnace Method for Fabricating Hollow-Core Fibers

  • Design for large-scale production of hollow-core fiber optic cable
  • Single-draw, multi-step, multi-furnace method
  • Process can be repeated multiple times, depending on the required scaling factor


The University of Central Florida invention is a single-draw, multi-step, multi-furnace method for scaling up the production of hollow-core fibers. This method can simplify the procedure of fabricating hollow-core fibers while enabling the scaling of the production, resulting in the fabrication of hundreds of kilometers of fibers in a single draw. The method relies on the concurrent draw of the preform in multiple steps while using multiple furnaces. Each step is used to feed the next step. In the approach, the original microstructured hollow-core preform is fed to a furnace. Using a pulling system, the preform is drawn down to an intermediate size, and it is fed again in the next furnace and drawn down again to the next size. This process can be repeated multiple times, depending on the required scaling factor to reach the desired final fiber size.

Partnering Opportunity

The research team is looking for partners to develop the technology further for commercialization.


  • Simplifies hollow-core fiber fabrication while enabling upscale production
  • Produces hundreds of kilometers of hollow fibers in a single draw
  • Ability to maintain exact parameters of the core throughout the entire process

Potential Applications

  • Manufacturers of fiber optic cable

Contact Information

Name: John Miner


Phone: 407.882.1136