Simple notices when doing SEO fot hotel

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a marketing method to help increasing your hoyel’s website ranking on the search page. The search-result can be up to millions results. Therefore, if your SEO is not good, your website can lost in the middle of the sea. There are some simple notices that you should apply or fix your current SEO.


Keyword is the most important factor to run a successful SEO. Each hotel can has different sets of keywords to be more competitive. But one simple thing that usually be forgotten is the location. Many hotels think their readers are the locals or they don’t even aware of this, so they don’t mention the location in their contents. Your content can be good, but what if they read the content and don’t know your location or they want to find information about somewhere else. This is a waste when we could attract users but let them leave wihout knowing your hotel.


Quality photos and videos are an important requirements to the hotel business. Your content should be updated regularly. The search engine will evaluate your hotel’s website base on those activities. The frequency of 3 articles/week to 1 article/day will help your hotel’s website increase the ranking quickly.

Photo by  Pixabay on Pexels.

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