Shape Memory Polymer Scaffolds with Tunable Transition Temperatures to Treat Tissue Defects


We propose biodegradable, shape memory polymer (SMP) scaffolds with utility to treat biological tissue defects by nature of their ability to expand and conformally fit into defects of varying and irregular geometries. Moreover, the expansion is accomplished by exposure to temperatures regarded as safe to surrounding tissues. SMP scaffolds based on polycaprolactone (PCL) have been previously developed as self-fitting scaffolds that expand when exposed to temperatures of ~55 C. By utilizing PCL of a star architecture, the shape expanding temperatures of the resulting scaffolds could be tuned to lower temperatures. Thus, scaffolds are formed that can be exposed to more tissue-safe temperatures to permit longer working times. Scaffolds can also be formed to expand at body temperature (i.e., upon implantation).

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Name: Sheikh Ismail


Phone: 979-862-3273