• ScopeAssist is a “third arm” for the surgeon allowing for ergonomic zero-gravity movement of the ureteroscope within the surgical field.
  • ScopeAssist will reduce the risk of nonsterile contamination of the ureteroscope as well as secure and protect the ureteroscope from damage.
  • ScopeAssist has a locking mechanism allowing for ureteroscope to be held in place, reducing the dependency on staff, and augmenting the surgical experience for the surgeon.



The prevalence of kidney stone disease is increasing, and the fastest growing stone removing procedure is ureteroscopy. With the advancement and improvement of the ureteroscopes, hospitals/practices have seen an increased cost to repairing and replacing these instruments. Ureteroscopy also has a risk of infection, which can prolong hospital stay and result in poor outcomes for the patient. Despite the technological advancements in the operating room, with the ureteroscopes, and with the disposable equipment, there has been no advancements or optimization of the surgical field or ergonomics for the surgeon. Furthermore, long procedures requiring continual handling of the scope leading to fatigue for the surgeon. ScopeAssist is a mechanical, ergonomic, zero gravity assist that functions as a “third arm” for the surgeon and possibly can reduce damage and contamination to the ureteroscope.

Potential Applications

– Improved ureteroscope durability

– Improved sterility during procedures

– Improved ergonomics during procedures

– Optimizes the surgical field

– Eliminates the need for surgeon assistance

Contact Information

Name: Diptiman Chanda


Phone: (205) 934-7871