Research says employees settle faster in smaller businesses.

41% employees who work for smaller business (less than 50 staff) admitted that they felt very welcome on their first day. Meanwhile, only 36% who work for bigger organizations feel welcome on the first day. The employees in smaller businesses also settled more quickly than those who joined companies have more than 250 staff. A survey of 2,000 office workers and HR specialist also found that 56% of small business employees were pleased to see their workstation are all set up and ready to use when they first arrived. However, only 36% of employees felt welcomed in larger companies, and only half of them had their computers set up on first day.

Employees in smaller business also say that people are more “friendly” to new employees, compared to those who work for larger organizations, by helping new people to settle into their new roles quickly, and having allocated phone lines were set up on day one. In comparison, in large-scale companies, 40% people said that they were involved in more team-building activities such as attending team lunch, dinner or other leisure activities on first day, while only 30% of employees in smaller business were invited to participate in those events. Employees who work for big corporations are likely to commit to progressing their career and growing as a person within their company, as they believe they have more training and assistance from the company.

Photo by Kristina Paparo on Unsplash