Real-Time Demand Response Mechanism for Residential Energy Consumers

­The Problem:
Energy-efficient thermostats are manufactured for consumer cost savings. Currently, the most successful “smart” thermostats learns the habits of the costumer and programs itself to save the owner the maximum amount of money possible based on their lifestyle instead of focusing on other aspects of the home and its location.

The Solution:
Researchers at The University of Alabama have developed a technology that differentiates itself from other systems by considering the structural design of a house, including building materials, insulation, window placement, and geographic location. While other technologies focus on helping consumers save on electricity, the algorithms developed in this invention focus on giving the consumers the absolute lowest price for energy.


  • Takes more into consideration than just the consumers behaviors.
  • Provides a more consist and accurate understanding of the structure to increase energy saving.
  • Provides the absolute lowest price for energy.

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