Rapid Layer-Specific Photonic Treatment for High-Speed Printing of Flexible Perovskite Solar Cells


The Problem:
Perovskite solar cells (PVSCs) have continued to evolve greatly to become more appealing as a way to harness energy. However, they still have low efficiency, instability, and a long annealing time that holds them back from low-cost manufacturing. PVSC uses metal oxides as charge transport layers. These oxides must be formed into the desired crystallinity and the current method for this transition is hot plate annealing. A large drawback with this process is that the hot plates heat all the deposited layers simultaneously, which is destructive to the flexible substrates and perovskite active layer.

The Solution:
The novel invention utilizes a photonic treating technology, LED light, instead of the hot plate method. The LED light has a highly selective band of wavelength which can accomplish the layer-specific treatment for SnO2 and NiOx (metal oxides) without causing damage to the underlying films. Additionally, because LEDs can have a response time as low as 20 nanoseconds, they do not take a lot of time to “heat up” as other lamps do. This allows for precise control for pulsing the light.

• Localized annealing. (does not harm the surrounding layers)
• High efficiency and high stability. (higher energy conversion)
• Virtually no wait-time. (allows for rapid printing)
• LEDs are low cost and highly selective.

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