PV-SMaRT Solar Runoff Calculator

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Estimation of stormwater runoff CN and runoff for the purposes of obtaining general construction or operating and management permits for solar PV development.
Technology Overview
A runoff curve number (CN) and runoff calculator has been developed to estimate stormwater CN and runoff at ground solar photovoltaic (PV) sites by accounting for: 1) Soil and topographic characteristics (soil texture, soil depth, soil bulk density, slope); 2) Surface cover (row crop, turf, pollinator habitat, etc); 3) Disconnected impervious surfaces associated with solar panel design (panel spacing and orientation); and 4) Climatic factors (precipitation).

Phase of Development
TRL: 8-9 Software has been developed and ready to be used

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  • David Mulla Professor, Department of Soil, Water, and Climate


An innovative spreadsheet-based runoff calculator to estimate stormwater runoff from ground-mounted solar photovoltaic sites for pre-construction as well as post-construction site-specific conditions.



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