Pro-VOS and Patient-Reported Outcomes

Technology Overview
ProVOS (Provider Value Optimization System) is a practice management system designed to provide both health care institutions and individual providers delivering care with valuable clinical and business insights. Leadership of healthcare organizations can utilize the system to monitor health yield per cost, as well as evaluate potential variables affecting the value of care delivered, as a means to direct financial investments designed to improve value.


  • This system can utilize AI to optimize patient and provider matching based on historical outcomes and patient presentation and needs.
  • Individual providers and provider teams can utilize the system to identify their individual value contributions as well as how they change over time, and bench mark providers to peers or set standards.
  • This system works with a variety of EMRs.


  • Patient-Provider matching based on historical outcomes and patient presentation
  • Practice Clinical and Business Analysis and Optimization
  • Provider Bench-Marking


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IP Status

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