Positively Charged Adhesives

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Researchers at Purdue University developed biomimetic, positively charged adhesive polymers with excellent binding properties in both wet and dry environments. These adhesives contain catechol groups and varying amounts of either positively charged groups or groups that cross-link when placed in water. The researchers carried out structure-function studies and arrived at an optimum polymer charge content that provided maximum bulk adhesion and surface bonding in both dry and underwater conditions. These adhesives may also be suitable for making surface binding coatings with antibacterial properties. Advantages – Effective under both wet and dry conditions – High performance in saltwater – Reproducible synthesis Applications – Adhesives -Antimicrobial coatings




  • Effective under both wet and dry conditions
  • High Performance in Extreme Conditions
  • Reproducible Synthesis

Potential Applications

  • Adhesives
  • Antibacterial Coatings

Contact Information

Name: Joseph R Kasper

Email: JRKasper@prf.org

Phone: 765-588-3475