Portable Osteometric Device

Portable Osteometric device 

Overview of technology 

Mississippi State researchers have proposed the creation of a new device for measuring anthropometric data from skeletal material, in particular; bone length. It is made through 3D printing and uses laser sensors with time of flight to measure distance. Time of Flight technology is a method for measuring distance by determining the time it takes for photons to travel between a sensor and an object. 

­Background on technology

Osteometric data gives biological antropologists, human osteologists, bioarchaeologists and forensic anthropologists the means to estimate sex and maximum living stature as well as quantifying differences in growth and development eg. long bone metrics. 

The osteometric board is one of the primary devices used for recording anthropometric data from human skeletal muscle such as long bone length. This board still remains untouched since its original 19th century design which is bulky, inconvenient to transport and expensive relative to other osteometric data collection equipment.

Description of Technology

This invention is a new device called the Portable Osteometric Device for measuring anthropometric data from human skeletal material, specifically bone length. This device is made through 3D printing and uses laser sensors with time-of-flight technology to measure distance.



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