Porous Substrate Electroporation Device

  • Independently controlled electrodes allow electrical parameters to be tailored for each chamber on the same device
  • Single-step injection mold design and method for constructing microfluidic chambers and channels while sealing the porous membrane

A mass-producible, standardized, and easy-to-use device for conducting porous substrate electroporation.

Technology Description

This technology is a porous substrate electroporation device that is fabricated using a single-step injection mold. The device allows for high-throughput, high-control cargo delivery (i.e., RNA, proteins, DNA, etc.) into cells via localized electroporation. Additionally, separate electrode ports were designed. Separate ports allow the user to tailor electrical parameters to each chamber. Devices are made using an injection molding process that molds the microfluidic components and seals the porous membrane in one step. The use of microfluidic channels allows for media and cargo delivery to be controlled across samples and removes the need for tedious pipetting.

Contact Information

Name: Zane Gernhart

Email: zgernhart@nutechventures.org

Phone: 515-408-4685