Plants Resistant to Citrus Huanglongbing Disease


Prof. Hailing Jin from the University has developed plants that may be resistant to HLB. This technology has the potential solution to address the HLB problem currently affecting the citrus industry.

Potential Applications:

  • Plants resistant to CLas bacteria and HLB.

Additional Information:


The citrus greening disease also known as Huanglongbing disease (HLB), has no known cure and causes citrus crop damage worldwide. Management of this disease is expensive and has resulted in annual losses of approximately $1.2 billion dollars in the state of Florida alone. This disease is caused by the gram-negative bacterium Candidatus Liberibacter (CLas), and the bacterium’s insect transmission vector is the Asian citrus psyllid.

Current strategies of HLB management include chemical treatment against the psyllid vector, identification and removal of infected trees, and the use of pathogen-tested citrus nursery stocks for replants in new orchards. Plants resistant to HLB are desirable in the citrus industry.

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