Oligosaccharide C-glycoside Derivatives For Drug Discovery

A novel method to synthesize C-glycoside derivatives

A novel method to synthesize C-glycoside derivatives


Carbohydrates play important roles in biological systems and thus the synthesis of carbohydrate derivatives is of interest in drug discovery. Such derivatives can be produced by the C-glycosidation of carbohydrates under various reactions. However, the most direct C-glycosidation reactions of unprotected carbohydrates are technically difficult because of the presence of certain chemical groups and structural forms in the carbohydrates. Here we present a promising C-glycoside synthesis method developed by a group of researchers led by Prof. Fujie Tanaka. The method allows for direct synthesis of c-glycoside derivatives at low temperatures. The technology is based on a new synthetic method for direct C-glycosidation reactions of unprotected di- and trisaccharides with ketones at low temperatures. In the method, a substrate carbohydrate is mixed with a substrate ketone in the presence of a reaction catalyst acid. The direct reaction products of this reaction are functionalized di- and trisaccharide C-glycoside derivatives.


  • Therapeutic Pharmaceuticals
  • Diagnostic Reagents and Probes
  • Drug Discovery


  • New C-Glycoside Derivatives
  • Direct Synthesis at low temperature
  • High Stereoselectivity