Novel, Two-Terminal Memory Storage Device

  • A two-terminal semiconductor device having low power consumption and simplified design for device architectures.
  • The two-terminal architecture allows for three-dimensional stacking of the thin film device.
  • The three-dimensional memory devices provide memory densities unreached in current two-dimensional devices.

Novel two-terminal, polarization-coupled ferroelectric semiconductor that can serve as a non-volatile memory and/or energy storage device.

Technology Description

This technology is a non-volatile memory device. The memory device can be configured to store energy that can be released by applying a voltage pulse to the memory device. A two-terminal architecture allows for three-dimensional stacking, which is impossible for the commonly used two-terminal architectures currently on the market. This three-dimensional stacking provides improved memory densities not yet reached in current devices.

Contact Information

Name: Zane Gernhart


Phone: 515-408-4685