Novel, Reliable and Rapid Diagnostic Test for TBI

An effective, reliable and rapid diagnostic test to determine traumatic brain injury with the aid of a laptop. Background: Mild traumatic brain injury (TBI) is often followed by acute cognitive impairments. These differ in type, severity and persistence. Most patients recover, but about 20% progress to post-concussive syndrome (PCS), and a long-lasting array of emotional, psychological and neurological problems. Prognostic biomarkers would significantly improve the identification and treatment of those likely to progress to PCS, and would also improve the identification of all patients suffering a concussive hit, who have TBI. Technology Overview: A SUNY Downstate investigator has created an effective, reliable and rapid diagnostic test for TBI. A stimulus is displayed in a visual field on either the right or left side of a patient and input is received from the input side of the subject. When the input side is contralateral to the first stimulus side, and the span of time between displaying the stimulus and receiving the input is measured, a crossed reaction time can be determined. Similarly, where the input side is ipsilateral to the stimulus side, an uncrossed reaction time can be determined as the span of time between displaying the stimulus and receiving the input. Once those are determined, a crossed-uncrossed difference time — the difference between the crossed reaction time and the uncrossed reaction time — can be calculated. This difference is significant in brain injured people but not in normal individuals. In this way, the severity of Traumatic Brain Injury of the patient can be determined with the aid of a laptop.

  • Further Details: – Womack, K. B., Paliotta, C., Strain, J. F., Ho, J. S., Skolnick, Y., Lytton, W. W., & Bergold, P. J. (2017). Measurement of peripheral vision reaction time identifies white matter disruption in patients with mild traumatic brain injury. Journal of neurotrauma, _34_(8), 1539-1545. Intellectual Property Summary: Patented, US20180168499A1 Stage of Development: Mouse studies have been done. Licensing Potential: Development partner, Commercial partner, Licensing Licensing Status: The team is seeking a licensing and commercialization partner with a strong interest in doing the necessary larger clinical trial. <


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