Novel Genetic Switch for Inducing Gene Expression

Prof. Sean Cutler and colleagues at the University of California, Riverside have engineered a system and methods to induce gene expression in plants and organisms, including mammals, using the chemical compound mandipropamid. Using the PYR/PYL/HAB1 promoter system, the PYR1/HAB1 system is reprogrammed to be activated with mandipropamid. When the PYR1/HAB1 system dimerizes through chemical-induced dimerization (CID) with mandipropamid, the system functions as a control switch for gene expression.

This technology has been demonstrated to advantageously accelerate citrus breeding. It may be applied to improve CAR T-cell therapy and agricultural crops.

Fig 1: UCR’s PYR1/HAB1 system is programmed through chemical-induced dimerization (CID) initiated by mandipropamid to function as a switch for agrochemical control of gene expression.


Potential Applications

  • Engineered switches for agrochemical control of gene expression in crops
  • “On-demand” flowering to accelerate breeding

Contact Information

Name: Grace Yee


Phone: 951-827-2212