Notices when writing 3 types of email to guests.

Email is the easiest way to communicate and take care of guests before, during, and after guests’ staying. However, many hotels do not take it seriously as it should be. Hotels may not have any email marketing or may invest a few into the email at the beginning only that makes the content old and repeatedly. The email has a lot of space for us to optimize. Here are 3 types of email that we usually use:

  • Room confirmation: this email should provide all the needed information such as confirmation code, room type, date of check-in and check-out, price details, hotel address, contact information, cancelation policy, and links to the hotel’s social media. In addition, to optimizing the email, your hotel should update the upcoming events, or current promotions, etc. This is an upselling technique.
  • Before check-in: besides repeating the booking info, your hotel should provide a travel guidebook as a reference for guests. This shows guests that your hotel cares about guests. And don’t forget to update the current promotions as well.
  • After stay: this email to say thanks to guests, and show guests that your hotel cares about guests’ experience and feeling when staying at your hotel. This email should encourage guests to leave reviews on online platforms and in some cases, this is a channel to get guests’ feedback and improve services.

Photo by Řaj Vaishnaw on Pexels

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